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These days, many online companies sell ready-to-use websites based on templates. For some people, it is easier to buy these templates and make some revisions in their websites. Though more people are now trying to design and build their own website, they forget the smallest, but most important details of web designing that could cause the failure of their website. In this article, we will talk about a number of diverse and commonly aspects to help you design your website and avoid errors that can result to failure:One of the challenges that most web designers face is how their website is viewed on different browsers. Even if your website looks great on your computer, it does not necessarily mean that it will also look as great in other browsers. So, it is recommended that you test your website on other computers, as well as other browsers such as Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. In addition, it would be best to test your website on other brands of computers including Mac, since this is Linux based, and therefore has its own rendering system and browser. Moreover, the resolution of a website affects readability and usability on different devices – such as laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile phones.Though you can modify the size of graphics according to the height & width properties in the img tag, this can cause your site’s performance to slow down and possibly distort image visibility. Also, like any webmaster, you have to formulate data transfer as small as possible. So, if an image is scaled based on the height and width features, but not balanced, the browser will download the full size of the image and occupy the full web space – this could cause the picture to look either blurred or distorted. For best results, you can use different software to alter the size of your pictures.You can use fonts to make your website look cool and distinct from the rest. However, you should be careful about your choice of fonts. You should use fonts that could best deliver your message. Different fonts are installed in different computers, so if you use a font that is not too common, this will not look the same to majority of users. Such fonts are better used as graphics and could be embedded via JavaScrip or used through another website (third party).One more important tip is to realize the importance of a color scheme to your website. It should be relevant to the content and concept of your site. As an example, if you want to market your professional services through your company website, you should choose a decent color scheme rather than one with bright and loud colors.A sitemap is an essential tool to add to your website, as it helps indexing on search engines and lets you easily manage your content. It gives a centralized location, so it would be easy for users to navigate with ease across your website.

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Read this article and find out some of the basics of video game design for the PC platform. You’ll find out some of the important stuff that any computer game designer should know.The main things you’ll find out are how web-based games compare against standalone games, and the important difference between concave and convex for 3D collision detection.Some of the basics described can also be applied to other platforms as well.Web-based versus Standalone GamesFirst let’s start with some definitions.Web-based games are games that are developed to be run within a browser, such as Firefox or Internet Explorer.Standalone games are designed to run on their own with no significant assistance from other software.Now let’s get into the real info: how to best use each type of game.Web-based games are of course best used for web sites. The most common format for web-based games is flash; however Java is also sometimes used but I do not recommend this language.The best way to sell a web based game is to offer a license that allows people to change the game and promote their own site or product. Selling the source code is also possible.Web-based games can also be used to add content to your site and provide additional incentive for people to keep visiting the site.Standalone games on the other hand are usually developed through an IDE (Integrated Development Environment).
An IDE is basically an all-encompassing development environment, where the software code can be developed from start to finish.The main way of generating profits from standalone games is of course selling to prospective gamers.Standalone games can also incorporate advertising from other companies to generate additional profit, though this must be balanced with the gamers need for actual entertainment from the game.To develop media such as graphics, sounds etc for your games you would need to use third-party tools as well as the main software development tool.Interestingly, some tools which produce flash games can also produce stand-alone games as well from the same original code. Adobe Flash is one such tool.Here’s a final tip: Always try to look for free or possibly open source tools for programming games before considering more expensive commercial tools.You’ll be surprised at what tools you can find for free or for a very low price these days.Difference Between concave and convex for 3D collisionsThe objects you see in 3D games almost always use simpler 3D meshes to simulate collisions. This is to save on
processor usage.Most game physics engines use convex meshes to simulate collisions between objects as well as calculate raytracing
(for instant-hit bullets, light rays etc).Why? Because using convex meshes allows for much more optimized collision detection, rather than using concave meshes and other arbitrary meshes.Modern engines are increasingly adding support for other types of meshes to be used in collision detection, but using convex meshes always remains the fastest method.As a result it’s important to know the difference between concave and convex. Here is the important difference, in plain language.Concave meshes have at least one “dent”, or one inward curveConvex meshes have no inward curves.How do you tell what is concave and what is convex?The simplest method that I recommend is the line test.A convex mesh will never let a straight line pass through more than two polygons, no matter where the line is drawn.A concave mesh however allows a line to pass through two or more polygons.What to do with more complex objects you ask?Using simple convex geometry for collisions is fine for simple 3D objects, but sometimes you have more complicated 3D objects that need finer simulation.The answer is simple: Use multiple convex meshes to handle collisions for complex 3D objects!I hope you have learnt some of the essential basics on computer game design from this article. I look forward to seeing your creations.

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There are many aspects to designing an effective web site. Whether you own a company and are looking for advertise, promote, and sell your products and services, or you just simply want to create a web page that will tell others more about you, you want to be sure people will notice it. That is why effective web design is essential to the promotion of yourself, your product, and, of course, your site.The first thing people are likely to notice when they visit your site is its appearance. It is a good idea to make sure the content is clear and concise so there won’t be any confusion about where to find information. That will save visitors time, and can mean the difference between their continuing to browse your site, or simply finding another like it. The following are some tips that will help you effectively design your site, and can help promote you as well as what you have to offer.Loading time is probably the most crucial aspect of web design. Just because you have a great looking web site does not mean others will see it if it takes a long time to load. The design you choose should be optimized for the web, and should generally take no more than 15 seconds to load. If the load time is longer than this, people are likely to click on another site instead. While pictures, graphics, and sound can definitely make it appealing, they can take a while to load, so you don’t want to have too many on the front end. The same goes for each individual page on your web site. If a particular page takes too long to load, the person perusing your site may decide to go elsewhere for the information.Clear navigation is another important aspect of good and effective web design. If your site is easy to get around, users are less likely to become confused. If information is too difficult to locate, they will more than likely go elsewhere to find it. Be sure the links and information are placed so that they make sense to those visiting your site. If there is a logical order, be sure to follow it.Design your site in terms of percentage, not pixels. This is important because of the many different screen resolutions available for computers today. You want to be sure yours will work for these various resolutions so that more people will be able to access your site and view its contents.Web browser compatibility is also a very important aspect of good web design. When creating your site, don’t stop when it looks good and works well with one browser. Make sure it works with commonly used browsers such as Internet Explorer and Netscape. This is important because what is compatible with one browser may not be with another. Since the object is to draw as many people as you possibly can to your site, making sure they are able to access it is important.There are many other features you can add to your site to make it more appealing. Keep in mind that the people who visit your site will come from a wide variety of computer backgrounds, and will own different computer equipment. Be as diverse as you possibly can, and remember that the web is constantly evolving, and in order to keep up, you must evolve with it.

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Are you just starting out in the web design industry and want to know more about how everything works? Well, there are tons of courses and online tutorials you can take that have information on web design for beginners. There are tons of ways you can learn more about web design, you can either get a degree or diploma in the field or you can do your research online and learn it yourself. Many people have taken the latter option – even Bill Gates didn’t go to school, but still knew enough about computers to make it big.Likely you are looking into web design for beginners because you would like to make your own web site. If you look into software packages like Dreamweaver and Adobe Creative Suite, you will find that it isn’t as hard as you think. Many of the web designers today use such software to make building web sites much easier and quicker. With enough practice, even a beginner of web design can learn the basics of web design and be well on their way. If you know how to draw, you can use special software like Photoshop and Flash to create images and graphics. Just make sure not to add too many to your web site or you will leave your site’s visitors with too much to download. Those that have yet to upgrade from dial up will have a difficult time accessing your web site.If you browse around the internet you will find many guides pertaining to topics like web design for beginners. You can find a lot of the html and xhtml codes online or purchase books that go into deeper discussions about the codes and their use. Many people have learned from those basics and expanded on their knowledge from there.There are special programs that come with tutorials with web design for beginners – some you have to pay for and other’s are free after purchasing the software. You can learn a lot of hands on material that will help you to become a pro at the design software you’ve purchased. Some computers like Macintosh will come with software already installed. Macs are especially known for being an artsy computer brand. A lot of the individuals in the art industry have Macs, so if web design is something you’d really like to learn, you can start by getting design software or investing in a Mac.

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A web designer might be asked “Which browser do you think is best?” He would reply with a question…”What do you want it for?” Website designers should never use fewer than the three main browsers – Firefox, IE, and Opera. Let’s get back to what you want for surfing the Internet, then I’ll cover what web designers want.SecurityOpera and Firefox are much more secure than IE. Over 80% of viruses are made to be sent using Internet Explorer.With Firefox you’ll get strict anti-phishing and anti-malaware security. You may know them as spyware. They have easy ways to recognize the bad guys with their new one-click site ID info. Their open source policy gives them thousands of security experts around the world planning how to keep you (and your personal information) safe.What does “open source” mean? These are people whose reward is to keep coming up with better answers than their (friendly) rivals. Employees and trade unionists tend to be more interested in doing as little work for as much pay as possible.User friendlinessDiscussion can get quite heated because it is a matter of opinion. One user commented “The best browser is whatever we do with IE! These other wannabes are just a blip on the screen!”Myself…I prefer Firefox, and I particularly like their process for downloading software. I like their way of asking me where to locate the downloaded file, and showing me the download progress.I like the Firefox add-on to download embedded videos. That’s quicker when  I want to save videos to my computer, but it doesn’t work with you-tube videos. It only downloads the down-loader which is no help, so I have to use IE.With IE I can download any video. First I delete the history, then “view” a video while I read some of my library book, then come back and look in the history files. The biggest file will be the right file, so I copy it and paste it wherever I want it on my computer, then I delete the history files again.Oh, yes, that would be too much trouble if IE was my default browser. But I mostly use IE when Firefox refuses to display web pages that are designed so that they will only work on IE, and to download videos.Firefox is unquestionably best for add-on features. Some of these features would only interest a web site builder. For instance, as a web site builder, I like to use the site code validator add-on. Browse through their add-on list and pick out the ones that you will find most useful.Web DesignersAs I mentioned above, website designers should have at least the top three browsers installed on their computers. When I was making my latest site that teaches beginners how to make their own website, I spent about a six days working through it with another website designer trying to make the site look the same whichever browser visitors used.At first, IE showed my right hand column first, then the left hand column appeared at the bottom of the page. Graphics were sticking out to the right of the columns. Everything was a bit of a mess.The other web site builder persuaded me to give up on making my website look good for visitors with their screen resolution set to 800 pixels wide, because fewer and fewer visitors still use such a low resolution.Once the template was defined in pixels we were able to specify widths in pixels instead of in percentages. The other website designer suggested that IE would cause problems with my font sizes being specified in points, so I changed them all to pixels.All this time I kept changing back and forwards between Opera, IE, and Firefox. At last my website displays the same way in all three browsers for browsers using any screen resolution higher than 800 pixels.To sum up, if you just surf the Internet, try out some browsers to see which you think is the best web browser for you. If you are a web designer, you must have several browsers, without worrying about which is best.

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Though browser compatibility is an important part of successful web design, I found that most of the clients are ignorant of this fact. Throughout my career in web development I found very few client who mention this aspect in their requirement document. I shall not hold them solely responsible for this. I came across many colleagues (web programmers) in my tenure in the field of web design who also do not take proper care of this aspect.Now I shall explain the browser compatibility issue from my experience. Hope you will enjoy the reading and it will be helpful for you in future.What happened when a viewer opens a web page? He sends the request to open a particular web page by giving the URL (universal resource locator) in the form of “http://www” (http means hyper text transfer protocol and protocol means rules) to the server via a software application. This software application is called the ‘Browser’. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari etc. are the examples of such browsers. The browser connects the server through the Internet gateway. We send the request to the modem through the computer’s IP number.Modem sends the request to the ISP’s (Internet Service Provider) IP number and finally connects it to the Domain Name Server (DNS), the server which keeps the mapping of the IP and the Domains). After connecting the web page, ISP sends the contents of that web page to the requesting computer through the browser. Whatever may be the form of the info, it comes in the form of html (hypertext mark-up language) only and the browser converts this html to normal output what we understand. That is why html is called a client side scripting language. So, a visitor can open a web page using any of the well-known browsers he likes. The choice of the browser may vary according to the availability of the browser, using habit of the particular cluster of viewers etc.Here lies the basic problem. Because each browser does not read the HTML code in the same fashion and you, being the site owner, do not have any control on which Internet browser will be used to view your site.What may happen if a website is not built compatible to multiple browsers?Non-compatibility to multiple browsers normally does not effect the functionalities of a website. Rather it mostly affects the design view of a site, which creates the first long lasting impression on a viewers mind. A website may be displayed perfectly in a particular version of IE, but may look much different in Fire fox and even in other versions of IE also. The whole thing depends on the level of complexity of the design. In case of simple designs, if some conventions like W3C validation and standard resolution of 1024 pixels X 768 pixels are followed during the development process, normally it does not create any problem. But in case of a complex design, lot of other things should be taken care of. Now, to the best of my ability I shall try to write down some suggestions for the site owners and the web designers. It is nothing new; but may act as a reminder during the development process.My suggestions for the website owners: It is a common practice for a good web development company to make all the websites compatible to two major browsers, named Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Still I like to say a few words to the respectable site owners.Don’t forget to mention this aspect in your work specifications document.Set your target audience and try to anticipate their browsing habits. Suppose your target audience is the viewers of Western Europe and there, viewers prefer Safari to IE or Mozilla. Then you have tell your website designer to make it compatible to Safari and at least another one of global acceptance like IE and Mozilla. You may have your website compatible to more than two browsers at time. But it may cost you few bucks more.My suggestion for the web developers: Even if your client doesn’t mention anything about the browser compatibility or is ignorant of the fact totally, it is your moral obligation to make it compatible to the most frequently used version of IE and Mozilla (IE 6.0 & Mozilla 3.0). If the client is specific about his choice of browsers then get relaxed. There are many tools available that will help you to make your Website compatible to multiple browsers. Alternatively you can download a version each of the browsers you need and test your Web site in each of them. It is important to know that most of the discrepancies you will find are because of the different ways the browsers handle erroneous code.Always try to get the HTML coding of your website W3C validation by using validating tools.Develop the web site of your client by setting your computer’s resolution to 1024 pixels x 768 pixels. This resolution is fairly common and should take care of almost all your visitors, including those using wide screen monitors and laptops.It is a common practice for the web programmers to apply CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) for designing purposes. They develop many CSS classes that are applied to different HTML components. While creating a CSS class remember that a single CSS class may behave differently in different browsers. So you have to develop a CSS class in such a way, that in different browsers the HTML output looks alike and get it tested properly before implementation of the same.Above all keep the design structure as simple as possible. It will help you to sort out the browser compatibility factor easily.

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Outsourcing can’t work without excellent communication channels. Fortunately, technology has been evolving at break neck speeds and there are many new (and old) communication platforms which enable an outsourced web design project to succeed. This article looks at the different forms of technology that are available and gives a few examples of services which can be used.1. Talking & VideoThere is nothing more effective for getting an idea across than explaining it face to face or over the phone. In the past it would have been very expensive to be constantly calling a company overseas, but technology has shown that it can be very cheap, and often free.Services such as Skype, gTalk and MSN allow for video chatting and phone calls via the web (voice over IP, or VOIP). Using these services is instant and free if you do it via the internet and it allows for easy communication with project managers and individual workers even if they are thousands of miles away.2. Screen Sharing & InteractionWith web design, there is nothing easier than sitting next to a designer and pointing at the screen while explaining your ideas. People often stumble at this point when outsourcing web design and spend hours on the phone or writing long e-mails trying to explain a simple point.It is possible these days to view someone else’s screen and make annotations/draw on it remotely. These tools, combined with voice or video chat allow for just as simple interaction as if you were sitting next to the designer. Some options that allow for this are TeamViewer, Crossloop and Unyte Lite.3. Text ChatWhen you just want to send a quick message to someone or need constant interaction with a member of your team, text chat is a very effective tool to use. A quick message of “how are things going?” via MSN or Google Chat makes someone who is thousands of miles away seem much closer. Obviously it’s important not to misuse this tool by constantly pestering your designer, but it can really bring teams together as if they were working side by side.4. File SharingOften companies will have an internal server where they store important documents and files. Security can be an issue if these are opened up to the web and so traditionally companies have been hesitant to do this. Fortunately, technology has come to our rescue again!Services such as Dropbox allow you to setup a shared folder which is stored online and automatically synchronised on all computers that are sharing it. So if your outsourced web developer saves a new Photoshop file to the shared folder, it will automatically be downloaded to yours. Fortunately, these systems are intelligent, and if files are moved or renamed, it will do the same at your end, without having to download the entire file again.4. E-mail & Project ManagementLast but not least, good old E-mailing! This tried and tested method of communication should be the bread and butter of any outsourced project. It allows for tracking of communication, fast interaction and accountability.When linking in to systems such as Basecamp for project management, e-mails can take on a new life – rather than just e-mailing your outsourced web designer, you can e-mail Basecamp with a special message which automatically updates his to do list. These sort of systems remove a step from the traditional way of doing things and allows for much more rapid teamwork, even if you are on another continent.

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The concept of web designing based on the nature and rapid growth of the Internet is nothing to boast of any more. This is because of the large number of web sites published to the Internet everyday, so as to showcase one’s presence and dominance on the World Wide Web. You may ask why this is so, well, the so simple answer is the rate at which technology is evolving.An example is illustrated with the popular Microsoft FrontPage and Macromedia’s Flash. They are two different web designing software which have the same basic function (to create an interactive website). However, a person who has used both programs would observe that Microsoft FrontPage, which has been existing over quite a long period of time, deals basically with HTML codes. No programming language or knowledge is involved; that is why I choose to term its use in the category of web designing. Almost everybody, who owns a computer with the Windows Operating System along side MS FrontPage installed in it, knows how to design a simple website. This is because of it’s format which does not require programming skills, but only requires the user to type the text, copy and paste even drag and drop a picture to the potential website. However, Macromedia’s Flash, which was released years after Microsoft’s first release of it’s FrontPage, shows it’s advancement in effects, animations and even graphics. This powerful also shows an advancement in web designing technology. You’re probably thinking, “how incorrect”. Well, I like you to know the programming and designing are entirely two different things. While designing as been discussed about using Microsoft FrontPage as an example let us look into programming on the web.Now, unlike Microsoft FrontPage, Macromedia’s Flash creates a more animated and effects-filled website that Microsoft FrontPage. However it require programming skills to maximize its use and put it to work. So as a person with ground knowledge of Microsoft FrontPage would call himself a web designer, the other with Macromedia’s Flash would call himself a web programmer so as to differentiate himself to a so called ‘novice’, who may have learnt web designing through the widely believed ‘easy-to-use’ Microsoft FrontPage. But whichever way a website is created, it is important to note that its primary function is to supply information about services, products and other functionaries. So, whether a web programmer or a web designer; if the same work given to them is to create a website, they symbolize oneness, in the sense that however way the site may be created, or how more interactive one’s work may be, compared to the other, they still pass the same information to the website visitors, thus making them both creative in the aspect of ‘web designing’, which almost every high school kid can do.Yet as one, who is a programmer, I do not see much of a difference between the web designer and programmer, unless a far more advanced form of web programming than we (web programmers) have now, is created. But till then the so-called web programmers would continue to stretch on their differences from the web designer, irrespective to their similarities.

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Web hosting services include allowing individuals to get their websites on the World Wide Web. Web hosting companies offer affordable web design hosting services providing data center along with colocation, thus helping a website to garner a good space on the internet. Mostly, five different kinds of hosting are frequently offered to the websites. They include:1. Shared HostingThe first of the affordable web design hosting services includes shared hosting. This is a popular hosting method as it is highly affordable also providing the opportunity to share your server with other websites. This connectivity may vary between thousands of different websites thus developing a common server resources pool, such as CPU and RAM. The features that come along with shared hosting extend to many, such as disk space, uptime and bandwidth. Another of the benefits of a shared hosting is that the shared website can later be hosted with reseller.2. Dedicated ServerDedicated server or dedicated hosting is another best affordable web design hosting services. This mode of hosting is optimum for the online businesses, which require a powerful server. Although, this form of server includes tremendous work associated, this web hosting gives you the freedom to have a private server.The dedicated servers also bring forth a good amount of web traffic to your website. It is important to understand that the dedicated servers, which are managed, offer limited technical work and revolve around the onsite content. If you possess technical knowledge and you are capable of handling the issues pertaining to your website, you can go for the unmanaged hosting in dedicated servers.3. Virtual Private or Dedicated ServersThis form of web hosting has the ability to divide the web server resources into small virtual servers. These resources are then allocated in such means that they do not have a direct influence upon the fundamental hardware. The virtual private hosting has come out as a prominent affordable web design hosting services of the others as this eliminates the issues that come along with dedicated servers.In certain cases, shared hosting can end up with closed environment; however, with the virtual hosting, you will have a customized solution for your website. The virtual web hosting can be the best solution for some situations such as a case where you need to locate VPS containers among different servers. The users have the flexibility to access the host in a separate virtual space, thus VPS becomes the most customizable solution when it comes to web hosting.4. Cloud HostingOne of the newest hosting platforms among the affordable web design hosting services is the cloud hosting. This hosting means offers the website owners a scalable, reliable, powerful hosting, which is based upon clustering the load-balancing servers along with the utility billing. The aptness of this hosting service comes from the fact that this hosting has removed the single point failures and asking them to pay only for the service that they are using. It is also known as “Cloud Computing”.5. Grid HostingThis hosting treats server clusters as grids and thus the name. The hosting is achieved by forming multiple nodes.

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Design is simply defined as the creation of visually pleasing pieces or areas incorporating an established theme revolving around shape, lines, color, and texture. To create a design intended to be accessible through the use of the Internet is then called Web Design. Other terms used for this creation are “web publishing”, “web development”, and “internet publishing.”It used to be that Web Design belonged to a specific area of study called Graphic Design but given the constantly increasing demand for high-caliber web-based visual arrangements, Web Design is slowly establishing itself as a completely new field.Web Design concentrates on the creation of a website, which is a collection of information – text and images – available for reference and use in the Internet. This is created through HTML, XHTML, or XML encoding. A web page is an extension of a web page containing more specified topics that can be accessed through a hyperlink. The home page is the first page that greets visitors when they view a web site. It serves as the portal to which all other sites connected to it are accessed. Think of a web site as a house, the web pages as the rooms, and the home page as the front door.Web Design involves the conceptualization of a web page intended for either business or personal use, to the planning of how to go about the making of a web page, and finally to the execution of putting this web site up for the Internet. In order for websites to be available, they have to be supported by hosts and search engines such as Yahoo and Google.Considered both as an art and as a science, Web Design requires that its practitioners are not only adept at creating aesthetically strong layouts but also at utilizing a number of computer languages to create different programs. This is so because Web Design consolidates a person’s both creative expression and technical know-how.With more and more people logging on to the World Wide Web and with the increasing boost in their hours spent using it, many companies have recognized the potential of Web Design as an effective and innovative marketing strategy, providing information and profiles on their products and services. Companies, with the help of both their marketing department and their advertising agency, are now encouraging their clients, customers, and end-users to acquire news, instructions, and reports on the company.Web Design also allows for personal expression in that anyone can put up his or her own web site. Web sites intended for personal use are more informal and caution-free. The emergence of a number of networking sites such as Friendster, Facebook, and Multiply allows everyone to create a web page using readily-available web addresses and templates.The Internet has truly redefined the way of life of the people it touches. It presents itself as a separate world, yet dependent on the world in which its creators move about. We can only sit back and witness the many more surprises it may bestow upon us.